Food Prep

Tips and steps to heat and serve your meals after delivery
How long are the meals good for?

Meals are generally good in the refrigerator from Sunday delivery through Friday night except salads and fish should be eaten within 3 days. If you do not eat a meal by Friday night please place in the freezer to enjoy in the future. Once ready to eat a frozen meal, let it thaw out overnight in the refrigerator and then heat as normal the next day.

How do you heat the meals?

Heating your meals typically takes anywhere from 2-12 minutes, depending on the individual meal and your choice of microwave, stovetop, air fryer, or oven heating. Cooking times may vary with your particular kitchen appliances. Heat the meals until your desired temperature.

Do I have to add any additional ingredients to complete my meal?

No, your meal comes complete, which allows you to simply heat and eat! Many entrees come with the signature sauce on the side so you can remove that, heat the meal, and then drizzle on the side sauce as you wish.

Sometimes the cooking instructions are incorrect - what do I do?

Cooking instructions can vary based on your microwave, oven, stovetop, or air fryer. Follow the instructions listed on the package but keep an eye on the meal if your equipment tends to run cool or hot. You can always pull the meal early and test the center to get the perfect temperature.

How do I prepare my meals?

Oven and microwave instructions are provided on the packaging for each meal. You can also heat them on a stovetop on low heat or in an air fryer for a few minutes.